What is eyrise®?

eyrise® is a switchable glass system driven by EMD Electronics liquid crystal technology. The glass controls incoming solar heat and daylight in an instant by means of dimming, while preserving natural daylight views. It offers an extra level of comfort by means of automatic or on-demand control.

How does eyrise® technology work?

eyrise® is powered by licrivision® liquid crystal material for dynamic glass from EMD Electronics. It is a transparent liquid crystal mixture with tailored dye molecules added. This mixture is applied between two glass panes coated with an invisible conductive layer. When low voltage is applied, the molecules in the mixture alter their orientation and regulate the amount of light and heat that passes through.

How many tinted states are available with eyrise®?

eyrise® qualifies stepless dimming, where up to 256 intermediate states are available. With eyrise®, you have the flexibility to actively adjust the amount of light and shade instantly and on demand.

How good is the pane-to-pane uniformity of eyrise®?

It offers perfectly uniform exterior and interior aesthetics, since eyrise® is driven by voltage.  A good example is the façade of the EMD Electronics Conference Center in Darmstadt, Germany where a large number of glass panels are combined to present a single uniform appearance.

How does eyrise® protect interior spaces against glare and heat?

The eyrise® team can run a sun path analysis of your project and help you select the correct liquid crystal mixture. This ensures the optimum solution against solar heat gains and glare without losing vital daylight. eyrise® not only filters incoming sunlight, but also solar radiation to prevent overheating of the interior space.

What is the max size of eyrise® available?

Multi-faceted shapes up to 1,600mm x 3,500mm (5.25 x 11.50 ft) can be tailored to your design.

What are the energy benefits of eyrise®?

eyrise® not only filters incoming sunlight, but also solar heat gains to prevent overheating of the interior space. This will reduce the need for air conditioning and lighting. This results in reduced overall energy usage and cooling costs. Compared to standard sun-blind or louvered systems, eyrise® also offers reduced maintenance, mechanical breakdown and electromotor power.

How much power does eyrise® require?

eyrise® requires very little power, less than 1 W/m² (0.1 W/ft²).

Can eyrise® be connected to Building Management System?

Yes. The glass tinting can be controlled centrally through a building management system or locally via user input. The light transmittance of the windows can be adjusted individually and controlled through the system to an intermediate point where you feel most comfortable.

Can each eyrise® window be controlled individually?

Yes. You can adjust each window pane individually according to the incident angle of sunlight or the desired level of natural daylight, heat gains and glare.

What is included in the eyrise® warranty?

The eyrise® IGU is guaranteed for up to 10 years; 10 years for switchable functionality of eyrise®. The supplied electronics carry a warranty of 2 years. For full details of our product warranties, please contact us.

Does eyrise® need regular maintenance?

eyrise® windows only require the usual level of glass cleaning and do not incur any additional time or cost for maintenance.

What is lightwellness?

This is the pursuit of quality of life and well-being by maximizing the benefits of natural sunlight for eyrise® users. Enjoy interior low-glare comfort with maximum natural light and ideal temperature while preserving beautiful outdoor views.

What are the main differences between eyrise® technology and electrochromic technology?

eyrise® is based on a liquid crystal mixture driven by voltage. Electrochromic glass is made of layers of ceramic material driven by current. Liquid crystals enable a more neutral (non-blue) transparency, faster switching time (1 sec), greater freedom of shape and stepless dimming. Learn more in our study “Out of the blue” 

Why is color neutrality so important?

Color-neutral transparency provides natural outdoor views and preserves the authentic color of the interior space and people, be it in dark or bright state. This neutral environment supports our health and well-being throughout the day. If you want to learn more about color neutrality, read our study “Out of the Blue”.

Why is switching/tinting speed important?

Occupants can quickly feel an uncomfortable level of heat and glare as the weather changes. With discomfort of more than 10 seconds, users will feel disturbed. As eyrise® changes from bright to darker state in only 1 second, and allows stepless intermediate shading stages, the exact shading is applied. If you would like to learn more about switching speed, read our study “Out of the Blue”.

How flexibly can I customize my project?

In addition to standard rectangular panel sizes and neutral grey tones, we offer tailored solutions for your projects. Open up entirely new design possibilities in your project with unique multi-faceted or non-symmetric shapes or special colors.

Is eyrise® available in more than one color?

Yes. In addition to the standard neutral grey tones, we offer tailored solutions. We can meet your specific color requirements, from additional neutral tones to unique color variations in order to complement your design. It is important to note that eyrise® maintains a high level of color neutrality. Read “Out of the Blue” for more information.

What shapes are available?

In addition to standard rectangular panel sizes, we offer tailored solutions for your projects. Open up entirely new design possibilities in your project with unique multi-faceted or non-symmetric shapes.

Can I control eyrise® via remote and wireless systems?

Yes! The eyrise® team can help you to integrate eyrise® into your control system or your preferred building management systems.

What certifications can be provided?

Our eyrise® has a CE mark. The specific certifications include:
EN 14449: 2005 Glass in building – Laminated glass and laminated safety glass
EN 1279:2018 Glass in building – Insulating glass units
IEC 61000 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Can eyrise® help me to earn green certification?

Yes. As eyrise® improves your building’s energy efficiency and comfort, it can contribute towards most environmental certifications.

Where can eyrise® be installed?

eyrise® can be installed in any building type, such as commercial, residential, healthcare and academic buildings. It is also suitable for maritime use, such as cruise ships. It is suitable for both façade glass and roof glazing.

Are there any references for the previous use of eyrise®?

Yes. Please visit our section “Case studies” where you see some examples of building façades and roofs of office buildings, renovation projects, interiors and bespoke structures.

How much does eyrise® cost?

The cost of eyrise® depends on the project in question, as it is a fully customized solution in terms of the size, shape, complexity, structure and controls. Contact us to discuss your project so we give you a quote for your solution.
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