AVUS Tribüne was build in 1936 along the A155, better known as AVUS, the first highway in the world and race track to test the latest advances in auto engineering. It fell into disrepair, but has been renovated as event, office and media space. eyrise® provides instant solar shading during the day while protecting drivers from distracting outward shining interior light at night.

The structure is a listed historic monument so conventional glass and mechanical blinds were not permitted by the local authorities, and it was only by using eyrise’s innovative glass technology that the project could succeed.

The outer pane was etched to create a matt surface that eliminates the blinding reflection from car lights and sun, while a screen-printed pattern was integrated into the inner pane, creating a slightly opaque digital ‘curtain’ effect that reduces light disturbance to motorway users. It has become a striking piece of architecture which gives visitors a unique viewpoint over the motorway.

  • Product: eyrise® s350 Instant Solar Shading Glass
  • Surface: 226 m2
  • Number: 93
  • Geometry: Rectangular and trapezoid panels
  • Type: Accoustic Double Glazing
  • Color: Neutral grey Mixture E
  • Framing system: Schüco AOC75, ADS90
  • Other info: outer pane was acid-etched (AGC Matelux light); inner pane had a high precision pattern screen print; inner pane contained acoustic PVB

Location – Messedamm, Berlin, Germany
Building Owner – Hamid Djadda
Architect – Janiesch Architektur & Architekturbüro Michael Velde
Facade contractor – Luckey GmbH, Bad Wünnenberg, Germany
Main contractor – AVUS Tribüne GmbH
Installation date – 2021


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New technologies are helping us transform and grow the infrastructure of our headquarters which in turn will enable us to expand our important work in supporting emerging and under-represented talent. By raising the roof and re-integrating the rooflights with Eyrise’s innovative glazing, we are able to open up a bright new space and deliver a greater variety of initiatives, learning events and activities.

Kevin Price

BAFTA’s Chief Operating Officer

BAFTA chose us for our centrepiece idea to transform its capacity with a new top floor, created by raising and restoring the magnificent ‘lost’ Victorian rooflights to prominence,” said . We knew this required an extraordinary smart-glass solution. As our design developed, it was soon clear the only bespoke, innovative smart glass capable of elegantly resolving every technical and perceptual challenge to bring this vision to life was Eyrise.

Renato Benedetti

Director of Benedetti Architects

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