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Elementa Consulting revealed liquid crystal glass has a significant positive impact on the health, wellbeing and productivity of a building’s occupants. Therefore, it was included extensively at our newly transformed headquarters in Veldhoven,

The Netherlands
The entire office building was retrofitted with dynamic glass to create an interactive environment that offers solar control and privacy for employees, and a space where visitors can experience its benefits first-hand.

Staff can individually control solar shading and privacy control via a newly developed app, ensuring continuous comfort and well-being. The data provided will be used to steer future digital developments as part of ongoing research into optimising customer experience.

One part of the building has been transformed into the eyrise® Experience Lab: it will give global construction industry visitors a more in-depth feel for our unique products. Alongside established working products already on the market, new innovations will be shown. One example is the installation of 20 prototype instant solar shading panels, segmented horizontally into three identical areas. These can be controlled separately, allowing people to try out differing tint configurations.

  • Product: eyrise® s350 Instant solar shading windows
  • Surface: 155m2
  • Number: 84 standard, 20 laser segmented (3 segments)
  • Geometry: Rectangles
  • Type: Double Glazing
  • Color: Neutral Grey Mixture C and Mixture E
  • Framing system: standard existing frames (Heroal)
  • Other info: controling via specially developed mobile app
  • Product: eyrise® i350 Invisible Privacy Windows
  • Surface: 124m2
  • Number: 51
  • Type: both 4 side supported and 2 side supported laminated glass panels
  • Framing system: new aluminum frames
  • Other info: controling via specially developed mobile app

Location – De Run 5432, 5504 DE Veldhoven, The Netherlands
Building Tenant – Merck Window Technologies BV
Installation date – February 2020


The ease and speed with which we were able to retrofit the glazing of our factory in just three weeks demonstrates how simple it is to bring lightwellness to an existing building, while saving energy, space and costs. Architects and building designers will now have the opportunity to experience how people interact with solar shading and privacy glass in a real-world context.

Céline Glipa

Managing Director | Global Head of Marketing and Sales, eyrise® B.V.


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