Merck R&D Center for Electronics

It is an important signal for the Merck Darmstadt location: the new research center for electronics applications. This impressive building houses high-skilled research teams for innovations for the display and semiconductor technologies.
In many of the laboratories and clean rooms, research has to be performend under special artificial light conditions, therefore the need to keep daylight in the meeting rooms was very high. At the same time, eyrise® reduces the incoming sunlight and heat, without losing the outside view.
To boost creativity and collaboration, open spaces in glass were created, which can be switched to privacy mode when confidential research is been performed.

  • Product: eyrise® s350 Instant solar shading windows
  • Surface: 261 m2
  • Number: 128
  • Geometry: Rectangles
  • Type: Double Glazing
  • Color: Neutral Grey Mixture C
  • Framing system: Curtain wall system Schücco FWS 60
  • Product: eyrise® i350 Invisible Privacy Windows
  • Surface: 20,35 m²
  • Type: 4 side supported laminated glass panels
  • Framing system: aluminum partitioning frames

Location – Frankfurter Strasse 250, Darmstadt, Germany
Building Owner – Merck KGaA
Architect – Carpus + Partner, Aachen, Germany
Facade contractor – Breitenbach Metallbau GmbH, Peiting, Germany
Installation date – 2020



Lighting control with eyrise enables our research teams to find extraordinary solutions in a pleasant, motivating surrounding. Experiencing this new application in daily life is fantastic. 

Jens Osterodt

Director Research & Development

the Merck R&D Center for Electronics Datasheet

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