This building is one of the last creations of the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and was constructed as an add-on to the Kirow Kantine on the site of the Techne
Sphere Leipzig. It provides an unusual and beautiful dining space – an extension to Kirow’s factory canteen – with views overlooking the city. This unique construction challenged gravity and technology: twelve meters in diameter, made of concrete and glass.
Vital to both the final visual effect and usage of the space was our eyrise® dynamic liquid crystal window technology. Used throughout the lattice pattern glass facade, the windows offer impressive sun protection while respecting the purity of Niemeyer’s design.

Each of the 144 made-to-measure triangular glass modules darken and lighten instantaneously, thanks to eyrise’s advanced liquid crystal glass technology controlled by a bespoke app. As a space to enjoy wellbeing and food, color neutrality was one of the key aspects why eyrise was chosen.” 

  • Product: eyrise® s350 Instant solar shading windows
  • Surface: 110m2
  • Number: 144
    Geometry: Triangles and trapezoid, most panels have a unique shape
  • Type: Double Glazing
  • Color: Neutral grey Mixture D
  • Framing system: Bespoke system
  • Other info: Roof glazing. U channels in secondary seal. Glass integrated in 3 RWA opening windows

Location – Spinnereistrasse 13, Leipzig, Germany
Building Owner – Kirow-Heiterblick Techne Sphere
Architect – Oscar Niemeyer, executing Architects: Harald Kern and Jair Valera
Facade contractor – Dechant Hoch- und Ingenieurbau GmbH
Installation date – 2020



This space and the building is al about wellbeing. And the glass makes such a big contribution. On the one hand, there is the thermal aspect – that it is not getting too hot inside. And the second aspect is glare. We all wear sunglasses on a sunny day. The glass acts as a big sunglass for its accupants.

Ludwig Koehne

Owner of Techne Spehre Leipzig


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