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As leaders in liquid crystal technology, we pride ourselves in finding and producing solutions for everyday life.

Our products for you

Hear it from the source, from our CEO, Celine Glipa. Let her tell you what eyrise® can bring to your buildings and home, and how lightwellness can become a reality for you.

Our production center

eyrise® liquid crystal windows are produced out of our facility close to Eindhoven, in The Netherlands. The eyrise® production line is unique and the first of its kind for liquid crystal windows. Here are produced the largest size glass windows of up to 3.5 meters, which is a world record. Eindhoven is a thriving technology hub in Europe and has witnessed some of the major advances in technologies of the last century, such CDs or the first liquid crystal displays. So it was a unique location to build the first eyrise® liquid crystal window factory.

Peter-Paul Michiels, Chief Operating Officer

eyrise - merck - Our production center

Meet our Development Manager

Learn more about how we turned your best in class liquid crystal display technology into a new durable and robust solution for modern living and outdoor applications like windows.

licrivision® : our technology

At the heart of eyrise® s350, is licrivision®, a transparent liquid crystal mixture added with specific dye molecules tailored to your color needs.
This dye-doped liquid crystal mixture is placed between two glass sheets coated with a transparent conductive film. Prompted by a low voltage, the molecules in the mixture change orientation and thus, regulate the amount of light and heat passing through.