Benefits of AI -Tinting Glass

Imagine you work in a tall building. Your office faces west. When you arrive to work in the morning, you usually have a cup of coffee and stare out at the bay. The one drawback is that when the sun is over the horizon, the sun reflecting off the water creates a glare that can be overwhelming. Maybe you have added a shade of some sort. An ornate 3 fold, or a large plant. But this doesn’t work. And the commercial window tinting on the outside of the glass does help a little, but it doesn’t allow the natural light to come through and it blocks that perfect view. And, of course, the building’s cooling system has to kick into high power, otherwise, your office would become a greenhouse in short order. It’s not very energy efficient and you think this as by midday, the hum of the airconditioner vibrating the whole building just a bit.

Now, what if this office of yours was so efficient that an AI algorithm could determine the optimal light to let into your individual workspace? Custom glass that is so intelligent when the sun hit the lake, the building control system dials back the amount of IR radiation and lumen hitting your individual workspace, adjusting the tinting, lighting, and climate in your environment to your exact specifications. All without you noticing a thing. And it happens so seamlessly, that tinting glass on windows and doors has become a popular way to gain solar protection and keep energy costs low. But there is only one product that can offer solar control and a clear view. The s350 from eyrise. A smart glass that can offer UV protection, and a clear view, without compromising on anything. This is why many people who invest in buildings and workspaces consider adding Liquid Crystal glazing window tints for improved aesthetics, performance, and comfort.

Window tints can block out up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays while also reducing heat transfer across the window surface by as much as 79%. These reductions in UV rays and heat transfer can prevent furniture from fading due to sun exposure and lower cooling bills in the summer months. The design of eyrise s350 design adds an extra layer of insulation that traps warm air inside during the winter months and keeps cool air in during hot summer days.

Benefits of Tinting: Glass Heat Rejection and Durability

Automatic tinting windows have many benefits, including heat rejection and durability. Window tinting is a great way to reduce the amount of harsh sunlight that passes through your windows, while still maintaining the natural light in your home or office and this is where the eyrise s350 comes in. It also helps to reduce heat penetration in summer months, keeping temperatures inside more comfortable.

Window tinting can also extend the lifetime of your windows significantly. The high-quality liquid crystal materials used in eyrise smart-glass can protect against UV rays and other elements that may cause damage over time. Not only does this help keep the appearance of your windows looking new for longer, but it offers additional protection from fading and discoloration due to sun exposure. Additionally, window tinting adds an extra layer of security by helping obscure what can be seen from outside looking into a property.

How Does Tinting glass Reduce Energy Costs?

Automatic tinting glass on windows is a great way to reduce overall energy costs. It has been shown that tinting glass facades can help protect you from the summer heat and keep any building cooler, thus reducing the amount of energy needed to keep a building at a comfortable temperature for people who live and work inside. Installing tinting glass not only saves on energy costs but also helps maintain consistent indoor temperature control and reduces glare from sunlight entering a building.

There are several types of automatic tinting glass, but not all of them work the same way. Tinted film is the most common and is installed by a window tinting service. But that usually will have a slight color so the window won’t represent natural light. Electrochromic glass can tint automatically as well and is similar to film installation. However, these produce a blue tint that is unavoidable. eyrise automatic glass tinting works by blocking out some of the sun’s ultraviolet rays which produce unwanted heat. eyrise Glass tinting uses liquid crystal technology and can block more heat than regular glass, keeping buildings cooler in the summer months when air conditioning use is highest. Additionally, tinted windows can reduce glare from direct sunlight coming into a room which makes it easier for you to see inside or outside without having to turn on any extra lights – saving even more energy overall.

Economical Benefits of tinting glass

Automatic tinting glass has become an increasingly popular choice for commercial buildings, offering a wide range of economical benefits. This simple process can reduce the need for energy-consuming lighting systems, as well as help reduce heating and cooling costs. Important for a real-estate investors is that the building value will rise as well as the rental income. Studies from companies like Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) have shown that installing smart technology can increase the rental income by 20%.

eyrise automatic tinted glass can reduce glare and heat transmission into a building from direct sunlight exposure. The darkening effect helps to keep interior temperatures cool in summer months and warm in winter months, eliminating the need for high electricity bills associated with air conditioning or heaters. With this benefit comes increased comfort levels due to reduced levels of penetrating sun glare on furniture and floors, creating a more pleasant environment inside the home or office. Many governments give incentives for this kind of green technology, so by installing a decorative window that has glass tinting abilities can actually qualify for tax incentives as part of a green building package.

How long does AI liquid crystal smart glass tinting last?

eyrise is committed to the highest quality and oversees ever every quality installation. The eyrise s350 is designed for a service life of 25 years and is guaranteed for up to 10 years. eyrise has years of experience refining and perfecting its liquid crystal smart glass, and now we are a leading window manufacturer. We have tested our glass against every window tinting company and ours will last at least 25 years maintenance-free.

Conclusion: Maximize Savings with Tinting Glass

As energy costs across the country continue to rise, building owners are looking for ways to save money. One of the most effective and efficient solutions is automatic window tinting. By installing eyrise i350, building owners and property managers can reduce their energy bills and maximize their savings while providing comfort to their employees.

Over the long run, eyrise Liquid Crystal smart glass window tinting can pay for itself with cooling cost savings, while protecting your home from UV rays, heat, and glare while increasing energy efficiency year-round. eyrise s350 blends seamlessly with any building’s decor. The installation process is quick and easy as regular glass. making it an attractive option for those looking to quickly save money on cooling costs in summer months or heating costs during winter months.