eyrise® s350

Instant Solar Shading Glass


Environmentally Friendly

eyrise® is a switchable glass system driven by liquid crystal technology. The glass controls incoming solar heat and sun light in an instant. This will reduce energy consumption for building cooling or heating, without the need for high-maintenance exterior window blinds, or a complex façade built-up. Discover more on sustainability.


eyrise® s350 glazing allows you to Instantly adjust daylight quality to suit your individual needs, while preserving outside views. Studies have shown that constant access to daylight leads to higher productivity, creativity and wellbeing.

Fast Switching Speed

1 Second Switching Speed

eyrise® s350 provides a smooth, seamless, 1 second change between light and dark states. This enables to adapt immediately to changing weather conditions.

It is the only dynamic glass that reacts immediately to user input: via sensors or an app.

Color Neutrality
Liquid Crystal Mixtures

Neutral Color

eyrise® s350 standard mixtures are color neutral. They won’t disturb natural colors of skin, food or artwork.

Our team will guide you to select the right mixture for each façade orientation.

Size up to 3M
The largest switchable glass on the market


eyrise® s350 is available up to 3500mm x 1600 mm. It will fit any type of façade system and unleash all creativity for a unique architectural appearance.

Technical support

Easy to Connect

Our team will guide you through the process

-evaluation of Liquid Crystal mixtures depending on façade orientation and solar intensity.

-Glass installation manuals

-Electric installation and connection to building management systems"

Industrial worker
How it works


At the heart of eyrise® s350, is licrivision®, a transparent liquid crystal mixture with specific dye molecules tailored to your color needs. This mixture is placed between two glass sheets coated with a transparent conductive film. When voltage is applied, the crystals change their orientation and the amount of light transmitted.


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eyrise® dynamic smart glazing encourages the feeling of well being within the blink of an eye by maximizing the full of natural light. Try out various animations and possibilities underneath.

How it works

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