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Sustainability Beyond Resource-Saving

Leaders in productivity, health, and resource-saving.

Window with Eyrise Solar Shading technology

Your building can be part of a green solution

Imagine having the ability to take advantage of funds available for green initiatives, but also creating an environment that attracts and retains the best workforce available. eyrise® Liquid Cristal Glazing can be part of a solution that will keep your buildings and interiors relevant and exciting.

Download our EPD documents here:

EPD eyrise s350 Triple Glazing Unit

EPD eyrise s350 Double Glazing Unit

FC Campus with liquid crystal facade

eyrise® for productivity and health

eyrise® dynamic glazing solutions will lower your ecological footprint by reducing incoming heat and sunlight. But the biggest advantage is an increase of productivity and a decrease of absenteïsm due to a better and healthier work environment. Both solar shading options, as well as privacy glazing options, allow permanent access to daylight and full control of the building interior conditions.

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higher employee productivity

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supports patient recovery

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reduces employee turn over rate

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high amount of recycling

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reduces employee sick leave rate

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saves energy


We help to get your next project green certified

At eyrise B.V. and our parent company, Merck KGaA Darmstadt, Germany, we make a full contribution through innovative product design and manufacturing that will benefit our customers in obtaining green certification for their project. Our support starts with a third-party certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

For each GBC we offer a guidance paper that indicates how eyrise can contribute to certification of your building project. This is backed up by external monographs from Elementa Consulting which give a detailed background on daylight credits, energy savings and thermal comfort.

eyrise can assist architects, building owners and engineers to achieve Green Building Certifications (GBC) through WELL, LEED® HQE, BREEAM and Estidama.


“Interactive liquid crystals integrated into the façade allow for a sensor-controlled reduction in light and heat transfer to the building without any negative impact on transparency. The building requires hardly any cooling, even at the height of summer despite the fact that it features large-scale glazing and does not possess any structural shading elements. […]”

“Accordingly, intelligent glass is not only durable and efficient but also helpful in the innovative design of people-friendly architecture and one of the many technological innovations that will be necessary for planning smart cities in the future.[…]”

3DELUXE, architects of FC Campus, Karlsruhe

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